Jackpot Movie Music Review
Jackpot Movie Music Review

Jackpot Music Review

Actress Jyotika’s magical spree big screens keeps consistently occurring, which indeed is a delightful experience for family audiences. Following the critically acclaimed last month release ‘Ratchasi’. For the first ever time, she is all set to enthrall her fans with a full-fledged commercial entertainer ‘Jackpot’. Here is our music review of this album composed by Vishal Chandrashekar.

Shero Shero
Singers – Sinduri Vishal, Brindha Sivakumar
Chorus: Nincy Vincent, Ala B Bala, Feji, Madhuvanthi
Lyrics – Vivek

Quite a usual track in a Jyotika’s album! While her previous outings have been very much inclined to the gripping themes, this one is a complete entertainer, which was very well established through the colorful posters and trailers. Now this track offers a substantial affirmation with the fast-beat mode offered by Vishal Chandrashekar. The greatest highlighting trait is how Brindha Sivakumar, who usually sticks to melodies and classical genres, has unleashed her potentials through ‘Shero Shero’ along with Sinduri Vishal.

Singers – Arunraja Kamaraj, Lady Kash
Chorus – Nincy Vincent, Ala B Bala, Teji, Madhu Vanthi
Lyrics – Arunraja Kamaraj, Lady Kash

A massive number that gets an emblazoning impact from the most ravishingly poisonous singers – Arunraja Kamaraj and Lady Kash, who can leave you crazy with their panache… This song ‘Therikkudha’ is no exception as it takes you for an overpowering impression through the musical package of Vishal Chandrashekar. Not to miss the portions involving Lady Kash, which becomes an instant attraction?

Overall, the album of ‘Jackpot’ is limited with few songs, but they have it all clearly written that it’s going to be a sure-footed winner, especially with visuals. Vishal Chandrashekar is always at his best when it comes to experimenting with different genres in every album and it’s completely whacky-cool one out here.

Jackpot Music Review
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Verdict: Vishal Chandrashekar turns to be a South Indian Amit Trivedi exploring different genres with each film and of course ‘Jackpot’ owns a stylish appeal with Thara local flavour.

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