Jada Movie Review
Jada Movie Review

Jada Movie Review

The season of ‘Football’ seems to be dominating our cinema halls to a greater extent. From last month release ‘Bigil’ to the forthcoming week’s Champion, we find many are inclined to the same genre. Apparently, this week’s release ‘Jada’ too falls into the same category, but how far it stands out to be a different? Let us have a look into the film’s analysis.

Jada is about a 7-member team football players getting into a local tournament with the protagonist (Kathir) insisting his friends to be a part of it. Banned for nearly 10 years after the death of famous football player (Kishore), it is now resuming with police department against it for it is a game played without any rules. When things wrong over the tournament, the police commissioner enforces them to stop the tournament inside city limit. It’s when, the four teams playing semi finals move to a remote village ‘Saathan Kulam’, which has a supernatural experience awaiting them.

With the performance, almost everyone in the team have done a considerably commendable job. The writers have crafted strong characters. Even the ones with miniscule prominence manages to retain in our memories with its substantial roles. The depth of football game and how it involves gambling and violence beneath it is justified by Kumaran with the title credits, where the history of this game is shown. We are very well prepared for the premise, but it might not easily get grasped by some sector of audiences for the first and second half looks entirely different in its scenario. While the first hour is full of entertainment and fun, the story takes a different turn from interval point followed by paranormal activities dominating the second hour. There are few moments that actually offer more Goosebumps. Thanks to Sam CS’ BGM, Soorya’s cinematography and sound department for they nurture them with outstanding effects.

On the whole, Jada has a unique plot, where writer-director Kumaran has given a deep insight into the game of football. As abovementioned, there are lots of movies based on football releasing frequently, but this one is truly a honest attempt. Especially, the second half offering eeriness with fun followed by surprise twist in climax is stunning.

Jada Movie Review
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Verdict:  Genuine, Different and has punch of supernatural treat as well.

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