Jil Jung Juk earns tremendous profit to Siddharth

Producer-actor Siddharth is definitely gushing through the seventh heaven with more and more joyful moments. The actor had to go through some toilsome phase as his films consistently flunked in box office. He took a long pause choosing the best one to bounce back and yes, Deeraj Vaidhy’s debut directorial ‘Jil Jung Juk’ came up a revelling choice. The film was released last Friday and the grand opening in both multiplex and single screens have earned him decent profits. P

roduced at a considerable budget, the makers are now basked in the glory over grand success of this film. Moreover, the promotional activities of Siddharth and his team have carved a tremendous publicity for the film. He had even trimmed the film in accordance to the audiences’ response in second half and has released a promotional video that has gained additional mileage too.