Jil Jung Juk Movie Review

Director : Deeraj Vaidy
Producer : Siddharth
Writter : Deeraj Vaidy | Mohan Ramakrishnan
Cast : Siddharth | Sananth Reddy | Avinash Raghudevan
Music : Vishal Chandrashekhar
Cinematography : Shreyaas Krishna
Editer : Kurtz Schneider
Production company : Etaki Entertainment
Running Time : 133 mins

Jil Jung Juk, recently a more hyped movie in terms of difference and trend setter cinema directed by debut Deeraj Vaidy starring Siddharth, Avinash, and Sananth in the lead. Lets see how the movie is different.

Jil Jung Juk is a story about the three characters and their journey towards a target with black-comedy theme.

Extended Plot:
A smuggler who has the last chance to stand in the market to handover the cocaine to a party, seeks the help of jil jung juk where they caught by the opponent gang along with two more side tracks and what happens if all meet in one place?

As like the promotions, movie is different only in terms of commercials targeting youth though the plot is usual black comedy. Difference emerge as generation of the movie, tone, costumes, song visuals, promotional videos etc.

Three main characters are the backbone of the movie and all three gives a wonderful performance where their facial expressions are highlight. Radharavi and Nassar did a decent role of what is required where RJ balaji cameo role is quirky.

Techinially movie is very sound in terms of color tone ofcourse which is the first thing comes to mind where the vintage effect throughout gives a classy feel. cartoon motions, drawings of places, animations are notable. Songs are not much visually used except the one song red road which comes as a bar song and the much expected shoot the kuruvi comes in the end credits where the casanova takes the title credits. BGM is another high point for the movie, esspecially at the fight sequence, a classical bit is too good. Editing is not sharp enough which is a big let down for the movie.

Plus & Minus:
Colour shades, Hara hara mahadevaki voiceover, lead 3 characters performance, RJ balaji, BGM, no heroines, interval block, funny dialogues are the highlight of the movie where the length of the movie is very big let down! At one point, it feels like when the movie concludes. Not much engaging throughout where the whole movie works bits and pieces!

At last:
Deeraj Vaidy, captain of the ship, executed the script very well with the keyword difference where butterfly effect is injected a bit and developed with a journey of three different characters. Though its not a trend setting movie but definitly a different move.


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