Kaali Movie Review Poster
Kaali Movie Review Poster

Kaali Movie Review

DirectionKiruthiga Udhayanidhi
ProducerFatima Vijay Antony
CastVijay Antony
Amritha Aiyer
Shilpa Manjunath
MusicVijay Antony
CinematographyRichard M. Nathan
EditorLawrence Kishore
Production companyVijay Antony Film Corporation
Running Time133 mins
Release Date18th May 2018


Vijay Antony’s Kaali has always got its good expectations among the family audiences for the reason that it has never disappointed them. The visual promos had furthermore elevated the anticipatory levels. At the same, Vijay Antony would always prefer offering some surprises to the audiences, where they cannot predict what his movies could be all about until the show begins. So happens to be the scenario with Vijay Antony’s new release.

Vijay Antony is seen playing the role of Bharath hailing from a top billionaire family that owns hospital in USA. On an unexpected turn, Vijay Antony learns that his parents are foster and his biological parents are out there in a Tamil Nadu village. He sets out his journey to find out the whereabouts his mother and eventually his father.

The suspense element regarding the mission of Vijay Antony to find out his mother and father has been presented well in the first half. Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi makes sure that the screenplay doesn’t get too tensed with the narration. The chapters with Nasser, Madhusudhan Rao, where their younger versions are narrated with Vijay Antony are really good. This is a special effort and director’s cut from Kiruthiga. This is because if any other actor had played their younger age versions, the film would have turned out to be a boring one as Vijay Antony appears only between these episodes. In addition, the director tries to sprinkle sumptuous humour through Yogi Babu. So these elements keep the film going with engrossing moments. But sooner after some extent, we tend to make a blind guess on who’s the actual father of Vijay Antony. The second half slightly slips down the momentum, but there seems to be a strong social issue conveyed by that time. Sunaina has done a wonderful job with her performance. Vijay Antony in different avatars has done a commendable work. Yogi Babu adds humour in places that are enjoyable. Anjali is just okay for her love portions with Vijay Antony are too ordinary. Whereas the emotional connect in all the three episodes have in-depth emotions.

On the whole, Vijay Antony’s Kaali has a premise that is slightly outdated. While the screenplay is engaging in parts, it holds such a narration that we can easily know what’s going to happen next.

Kaali Movie Review
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Verdict: Holds the storyline of 80s Tamil cinema with middling screenplay

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