Kabadadaari Movie Review
Kabadadaari Movie Review

Kabadadaari Movie Review

Sibiraj and filmmaker Pradeep Krishnamoorthy delivered a commendable hit remaking Telugu movie ‘Kshanam’. Apparently, it created sumptuous expectations over the Kannada movie ‘Kaavaludari’ remake in Tamil produced by G Dhananjayan. However, the results turn out to be slightly below the mediocre levels. The reason lying beneath such results is that 99% of the remakes lose its originality on getting adapted with respective to the regional domain. Let us put it this way! U-Turn and Kaavaludari had some hidden connection with people in real life as flyover issues really bother them. In simple terms, it’s a demographic connection. But, that’s not going to contribute to a greater stretch. So what’s biggest blunder out here?

The inability of the actors to get into the shoes of characters created by the Hemanth Rao, the director-writer of original version. There are few logical issues as well, where the protagonist doesn’t strain anywhere in the film to break the mystery open. First it’s journalist played by Jayaprakash followed by Nasser. This is one of the reasons why Sibiraj is seen clueless with his performance throughout the film. Precisely, he has to improvise a lot with the emotional scenes. He remains literally silent and unable to express emotions in the most crucial scenes. Nasser and Jayaprakash have come up with commendable performances.

Pradeep Krishnamoorthy had emphasized his proficiency with great efforts in his previous movies like Sathya, but here, it doesn’t carry his traces anywhere. Musical score by Simon K King is one among the fewest plus in the movie. He has worked a lot and given the best. Editing by Praveen KL is extraordinary and it saves the film’s sluggish moments from boring us in many places.

On the whole, Kabadadaari fails to connect with us for some reasons. It has a unique storyline with more potentials to click positively, but still, it fails to do.

Kabadadaari Movie Review
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Verdict: The film sticks to a passable meter in spite of having interesting twists and turns.

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