Kadaram Kondan Movie Review 1
Kadaram Kondan Movie Review 1

Kadaram Kondan Movie Review

Following a good reception for his directorial debut ‘Thoonga Vanam’, Rajesh M Selva arrives with his second outing titled ‘Kadaram Kondan’. Produced by Kamal Haasan for Raj Kamal Films International, the film stars Vikram, Abhi Hassan and Akshara Haasan in lead roles with Ghibran composing music…

It’s a fine day, where Vasu (Abhi Hassan) and Aathira (Akshara Haasan) have a regular check up as they await a girl baby. Sooner, into the professional space of being a nurse, Vasu comes across an unidentified person, who is later found as KK (Vikram) admitted at unconscious stage in his hospital. Sooner, things turn topsy-turvy as Aathira is abducted by group of strangers demanding Vasu to handover KK to them. How this unidentified man, who is later recognized with different identities by Malaysian police gets interwoven with Vasu and Aathira forms crux of the story.

First and foremost, the original version ‘The Point Blank’ isn’t really a top-notch engaging film and it is just a regular commercial cinema out there. Of course, it has engaging elements, but when it comes to Tamil remake, especially with a big star like Chiyaan Vikram, he actually has nothing to score out there. He is such an amazing actor, who can entertain on the commercial grounds and give some groundbreaking spell too. But he has nothing big to deliver here, although the film entirely travels on his shoulder for his screen presence. Akshara Haasan is graceful and looks completely perfect and her role as a pregnant lady is carried out really well. Abhi Haasan suits the character of an innocent chap.

So who’s getting the biggest score here? It’s none other than Ghibran, whose BGM is intensely magnetizing. Cinematography is quite commendable. The film’s thriller mode is maintained with right momentum throughout the show. Yes, it’s not totally a Vikram movie and one might wonder what actually propelled him to take up this movie.

Overall, Kadaram Kondan is a film that will offer a good experience if you’re watching it without any expectations.

Kadaram Kondan Movie Review
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Verdict: Okayish film with simple story and passable narration.

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