Kamal Haasan clarifies on false publication of his interview

During last week, when the entire city of Chennai and its surrounding locales were flooded with waters and people losing their lives, peace and materialistic gains, some of the newspapers had published a statement from Kamal Haasan raising question against Government on where the tax money he had paid has vanished during such a needy situation. “Why does the Government in need of donations, where every citizen has paid sumptuous tax?”

Apparently, the cabinet minister of Tamil Nadu State Government, O Panneer Selvam had complained condemning Kamal Haasan on such talks. Now Kamal Haasan arrives to the situation in claiming that due to improper communication and lack of connectivity, he didn’t know about the newspapers publishing on his statement. He clarifies saying that the statement he cited in English to his North Indian media friend has been inappropriately translated in Tamil leading to misinterpretations. The actor made it clear that he never alleged anyone in the Government nor spoke about his tax pays.