Kanithan Movie Review

Writer & Director : T. N. Santhosh
Producer : S. Thanu
Cast : Atharvaa | Catherine Tresa | Tarun Arora | K. Bhagyaraj
Music : Sivamani
Cinematography : Arvind Krishna
Editor : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Production company & Distribution : V. Creations
Running Time : 147 mins

Raciness has become the most fascinating concept of young filmmakers, who want to keep the audiences on edge of their seats much accordingly to their tastes. Few months back, it was Anand Shankar, a former associate of AR Murugadoss who had applied the same theory in ‘Arima Nambi’ and now T.N. Santhosh offers a similar styled film, which in many places look like a collage of his mentor’s Thuppakki and Arima Nambi in few parts.

The film is about a young journalist (Atharva Murali) working at a low profile satellite channel and the chance of getting a job in BBC is so closer. He woos down his boss’ daughter (Catherine Tresa) and they are in love now. Everything proceeds with a picture perfect life until a shocking moment blows him out of water. He is held as a criminal along with 5 other youngsters for fabricating fake documents in educational institutions for loan. Now he has to set out a mission on breaking the mystery behind the fake fabrications and trap the ones who was responsible for this fraudulent act in order to redeem his life.

Atharva Murali is choosing some scripts with the aspirations that would take him to the next level. Much alike Eeti, he sticks to commercial formulae in this movie, where there is plenty for him to perform in a larger than life role. Catherina Tresa is abruptly used only for glamorous quotient to appeal the young commercial audiences. Bhagyaraj does his portions well. Aadukalam Narain as Atharvaa’s father does justice to his role. Sunder Ramu is okay. Karunakaran could have gained some more intensity in the role. The baddie really looks perfect and is sure to gain more offers in K-town now.

Although the makers have been promoting the movie as a dedication to journalists, it is not actually the one. Too many artificial elements with logic missing across the drama keep it a middling one. As cited above, the entire film travels with the same treatment of Thuppakki, where the meeting of protagonist and antagonist becomes the major plot and this one is a mere replica.

The songs are too loud and maybe, it was placed for a pakka commercial movie, it could have made more sense. But this one being a different treatment doesn’t hold them accordingly.

Cinematography by Aravind Krishna is best in places and editing looks so amateurish with abrupt cuts.

Overall, although the plot looks interesting, the storytelling by Santhosh is amateurish in places and as we are reminded off ‘Thuppakki’ in many places, it doesn’t stir up the excitements on getting to know what’s gonna happen next.

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Verdict: Lacks exceptional quality, but one time watchable

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