Director : Pandiraj
Producer : Vishal, Pandiraj
Written : Pandiraj
Cast : Vishal | Catherine Tresa
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : Balasubramaniem
Editor : Pradeep E. Ragav
Production company : Vishal Film Factory | Pasanga Productions
Running Time : 125 minutes

The title was more enhancing and it got more elevations in accordance to the first look posters and obviously the trailer that gave a clear perception that it’s a thriller. Pandiraj has been so much involved over the ‘Children’ genre films and for the first time manages to come up with something more thrilling. With a cast of Catherina Tresa, Karunaas, Mime Gopi, Pawan and many others, the film has musical score by Hip Hop Tamizha.

It’s a picture perfect life for Vishal, who has become financially stable over his stay in foreign and has returned back home for his marriage with girlfriend (Catherine Tresa). Four more days left for the marriage and everyone is busy involved in the preparation works and then comes a shock. One of the most feared Kingpin is murdered and nearly half dozen suspects come into picture including Vishal and his elder brother (Mime Gopi). They all have a personal tale of vengeance and yet it turns more confusing with a surprising twist in the climax.

Pandiraj has intensely worked on the screenplay offering a right dose of fun and romance during the first half followed by gripping thrill moments in the latter hour. Vishal has gone through transcendence with some promising performance just as it happened with his ‘Pandiya Naadu’. He plays cool and innocent guy and his transition towards the penultimate sequences are stunning. Catherine Tresa has nothing to perform in special, but she can thank her cinematographer for showing her up with some much of splendid beauty. Karunaas evokes some humour with his witty lines with Vishal. Mime Gopi as Vishal’s elder brother is groovy in his show and others in the cast have done their job with more intensity.

Pandiraj deserves best appreciations for a gripping screenplay, although few shots could have been trimmed by the second hour and not to miss his brilliance in sketching the characterization. The actors delivering the best performance is yet another highlighting trait. The technical department has scored the best brownie points. Especially, the night shots by cinematography are outstanding and thanks to DI team for rich colourful visuals. Editing made on new dimensional pattern is worthy of appreciations.

On the flip side, the second half could have been kept more gripping and in fact, the duration reduced by 15 minutes would have even done better results from what we find now. Songs by Hip Hop Tamizha doesn’t evoke our interest as it was in his previous film ‘Thani Oruvan’ and yes, his background score especially the Kathakali whistle is awesome.

Kathakali Movie Review
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Overall, Pandiraj has accomplished with his newfangled attempt and has crafted a decent screenplay, with good characterizations and stunning performance by actors.

Verdict : A collage of thrill, suspense and twists

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