Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban Movie Review
Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban Movie Review

Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban Movie Review

Written byRDM
Bhaskaran B
Suresh Ravi
CastSuresh Ravi
Raveena Ravi
Mime Gopi
RJ Munna
CinematographyK.S Vishnushri
EditorVadivel & Vimalraj
Production companyBR Talkies Corporation
White Moon Talkies
Running Time122 mins

Even before the Lockdown phase had started to impose its impact upon cinema halls, Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban had eventually created a decent graph of expectations. The promising visual promos were one among the salient features to keep us brimmed with such hopes. Disappointingly, the film couldn’t find its way due to the pandemic crisis and is finally opening in all theatres from this Friday (November 27, 2020).

Filmmaker RDM has written a plot that is driven completely with tense moments. Well, not long back in time, we did have the experience of watching a similar movie in Malayalam titled ‘Ayappanum Koshiyum’. Of course, both the characters had more reasons to be tough combats. However, here the protagonist (Suresh Ravi) is an ordinary chap with no strong family background. But then, the situations get him to rub shoulders with a notorious corrupt cop (Mime Gopi). It’s all after his wife (Raveena Ravi) gets robbed and molested by group of miscreants, which takes him to lodge a complaint in police station that lands him up on a different issue with cop.

There are violent sequences in the film, which makes you feel more sympathetic towards the protagonist. Maybe, few scenes, where he erupts and lashes back the offender might create a cinematic impression, something far away from the realistic factors. But still, we don’t feel like getting into those rational zones and instead we feel the urge of appreciating him. Special kudos to director RDM for coming up with well written plot and narrative structure.

As with performances, the film banks majorly on Suresh Ravi, Mime Gopi and Raveena Ravi. These three actors carry the entire film on their shoulders. The dialogues in the movie are yet another emblazonment that will surely win some applause in the theatres.

Overall, Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban owns a convincing plot and gripping narration that keeps the audiences engaged. Yes, there are some harsh moments in the film that might look too violent, but as on whole, the film doesn’t disappoint.

Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban Movie Review
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Verdict: A well written story with perfect dose of emotions involved makes KUN is a watchable flick.

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