Kennedy Club Movie Review
Kennedy Club Movie Review

Kennedy Club Movie Review

There are few factors that instantly made ‘Kennedy Club’ have its source of attraction unleashed. First and foremost, it was the game of Kabaddi, which is already a success-proven formula of Suseenthiran in his erstwhile movie. Apparently, with the pretty decent names like Sasikumar and Bharathiraja involved in the project, it took up its escalation from its point of inception. Gradually, the film’s visual promos and even the songs composed by D Imman clearly registered what we are going to watch here.

Maybe, we aren’t in a phase, where movies like Chak De India had released for it created a unique experience as they didn’t expect such a flick from SRK. We know the premise that the film is about a women Kabbadi team and how the coaches (Bharathiraja and Sasikumar) embark on their challenging journey to accomplish their dreams.

Of course, so happens to be the story Kennedy Club and there’s no twist or turn you are going to experience here. First, we have to appreciate the entire team for coming up with a good and unique story that strongly reflects the contemporary crisis of such players and how important is the game for them. More than a game, it’s their life. The way the film starts establishing each and every character laced with their conflicts instantly lets us delve into the plot. However, after a certain point of time, we feel there is lots of plainness. Yes, as abovementioned, the story is laced with predictable proceeding. If the director had tried implementing some gripping moments here, the film’s engrossing factors would have been yet better. When it comes to performances, Sasikumar is excellent and naturalistic in his approach towards his role. With most of the actors being real life Kabbadi players, it adds more realistic appeal. However, Bharathiraja gets little hyper here and there, which makes it more artificial and so is Murali Sharma’s characterization that doesn’t carry substantiality. If his character offending the protagonist was made stronger, it would have been more appealing and interesting to watch. Musical score by D Imman is decent as it mostly goes well with the story.

On the whole, Kennedy Club offers a pleasant watch and it’s a pretty decent attempt by team. However, if certain elements on the flip sides were rectified, it would have a worthy to remember movie.

Kennedy Club Movie Review
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Verdict: Good premise, which goes slightly drops into mediocre phase for predictable writing and few weak characters.

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