Kuttram Kadithal producer nabbed pirates

Kuttram Kadithal is running to packed houses and the huge word of mouth of publicity has been helping the film a lot . There were many piracy related activities that was hampering the success of the film. The producer J S K left no stone un turned to stall this progress and he appointed a team of people all around the state to monitor this act which was affecting the film industry in whole.’

Today My team and my self received tips on mishappenings in certain pockets of Chennai and we sought the help of the police department to nab them. We nabbed two people who were found down loading and selling the pirated version of ‘Kuttram Kadithal’ along with other recently released films with the help of inspector Veera kumar and his team. The culprits Kalvath from Parsn plaza and Amreedhin from Rattan Bazaar were remanded to custody and I thank the esteemed police department of our state for the prompt action that will go a long way in eradicating the menace of video piracy from this state ‘ stated J S K.