Maaveran Kittu Movie Review

Filmmaker Suseenthiran and Vishnu Vishal had turned upon the spotlights with couple of sports based films titled Vennila Kabadi Kulu and Jeeva. Their new release ‘Maaveeran Kittu’ is based on a real life inspiration across Tamil Nadu during 80s.

There is something really appreciable about this film ‘Maaveeran Kittu’ as and when there is a caste based film, it would offer much scope for violence and bloodshed. It might be a film from newcomer or a very well established auteur, but Suseenthiran has kept himself away from such paradigms offering a film with stark and blunt theme of inspiration from real life inspirations. It all traverses through the life of an innocent youngster (Vishnu Vishal), who belongs to a down caste in 80s, where his people suffer in all aspects. The higher caste people, especially the arrogant man like Harish Uthaman doesn’t even allow the funeral procession of low caste people to pass through their lands. This instigates Parthiepan, a highly respected person to motivate Vishnu Vishal become an IAS officer so that it could bring solace and salvation to their community. But then, things don’t go as expected with some bizarre of events turning the life of Vishnu Vishal upside down.

There is a mix of grade that you would confer upon the characterizations sketched by Suseenthiran. While the roles of Vishnu Vishal, Parthiepan and Harish Uthaman are projected with a much greater scope and immense depth, the others in the cast film don’t get their due properly.

Say for instance, what is Soori doing out there? His emotional approach itself becomes a drastic downfall in the movie and it looks like Suseenthiran wanted him to be a part for the sake of commercial value to pull crowds inside the theatres. Although, the inspirational plot is moreover shockingly stunning, Suseenthiran fails to carry the film with better narration. He seems to have put an impeccable involvement for the first hour and for the rest he struggles to bring towards the climax…. The dialogues by Parthiepan win the applause and his performance is one of the biggest highlights.

Technically getting on with the best scores, it would be the cinematography that manages to keep film on retro mode. Songs are completely disappointing as tunes sound too stereotypical traces from the Maestro Ilayaraja’s library inspiring Imman and his background score is worthy of appreciations.

As on whole, Maveeran Kittu manages to hold us fervently with the real life inspiration, but on halfway gets us uninterested with the fallible writing. But Suseenthiran deserves special mention for showcasing a film based on caste issues with some difference. 

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Strong theme disabled by a wretched writing