Meesaya Murukku Movie Review
Meesaya Murukku Movie Review

Meesaya Murukku Movie Review

Writer & Director :Hiphop Tamizha
Producer : Sundar C.
Cast : Hiphop Tamizha, Vivek, Aathmika
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : U. K. Senthil Kumar, Kiruthi Vasan
Editor : Fenny Oliver
Production company : Avni Movies
Running Time : 136 mins

A semi-autobiographical movie was the preparation offered by the makers of Meesaiya Murukku and it was a sort of assuredness that Hip Hop Tamizha would never let his followers letdown. In all likelihood, as you’re done watching his debut directorial that stars him in lead role benefits you with passably good entertainment and inspires you in depth as well. Moreover, Hip Hop Aadhi gaining a huge fan following base even prior to his musical debut in films helps him bring in crowds out here.

Taking a look into the synopsis of this film, it deals with the moments in the life of Aadhi, whose passion and self-inspiring journey has yielded him the finest results. Of course, a journey with just roses would be hypothetical and it’s filled with pits and downfalls too.

Hip Hop Tamizha has clearly understood the psychology of youth audiences and has delivered contents that would engage them

There is one thing particular to be mentioned about the film is that Hip Hop Tamizha has clearly understood the psychology of youth audiences and has delivered contents that would engage them. In most of the films based on biopic, the characterizations of father turn to be an intriguing element and this one isn’t an exception. Over here, Vivek gets a meaty role to score brownie points and his role is too much inspiring and emotionally bonding to every audiences. Apart from these lead actors, others in the cast have done their best works. RJ Vignesh reprising the role of Aadhi’s real life close friend Jeeva had expressed his act very well. Aadhi has tried to materialize the film with the star-cast involving the famous personalities of youth league in YouTube.

When it comes to the screenwriting aspects, the first half has lively moments with more entertainment and there seems to be a slight drop in momentum, but then it bounces back by the penultimate moments.

Musically, it’s the best as from Hip Hop Tamizha with the songs impress the audiences and they’ve been shot well.

Overall, Meesaiya Murukku is a decent attempt by Hip Hop Tamizha, which has its own panache of fun, emotions and more inspirations.

It took more years for the world icons like Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jackson and Dhoni, but Hip Hop Tamizh makes it more convenient by making it within short span of his journey in the industry.

Meesaya Murukku Movie Review
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Verdict: Simple and good treat for Hip Hop Tamizh fans.

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