Can “you 2” Outperform The You Season 1 Or Fall Short Of Expectations

Can “You 2” outperform the You Season 1 or fall short of expectations?

Can “You 2” outperform the You Season 1 or fall short of expectations?

Forget Games of Thrones as it has already wrapped up with its mania, but guess what a fantastic overnight winner of OTT became by the end of 2019 for teens? It was none other than ‘You’ streamed on Netflix. It became a sudden sensation with the trailer that was really gripping, enticing and at the same time sending some horripilating Goosebumps. With the Season 2 kick-starting from December 26, 2019, the trailer was unveiled today. Well, we saw Joe Goldberg getting obsessed with Beck, an aspiring writer. He can’t stop loving her and kills everyone, who stands in a direct or indirect way on their way of relationship. Finally, he kills Beck leaving no traces. The season 1 ends with Joe’s ex-girlfriend ‘Candice’ arriving at the bookstore and saying that “We have an unfinished business”.

The trailer features Candice inviting Joe to Los Angeles, where the Episode 1 itself comes up with the title of ‘New Beginning’. We find him falling in love with Love Quinn, a Health Guru in LA, but again, there’s his sister-in-law and her brother posing threat. So, he is going ahead with his routine Serial Killing methods. We do find an impression of ‘Nooravadhu Naal’ hidden wall mystery and there are lots of storehouses as well, where we might see him hiding the dead bodies.

After coming up with so many assumptions, we are also visited by a pinch of doubt “Are our guesses really right or there’s something beyond our expectations only to surprise and shock us?”

If it’s going to be yet another spree of serial killings by Joe, it isn’t going to make any sense right. Definitely, the makers must have got some baggage of surprises for us ahead.