Pakka Movie Review
Pakka Movie Review

Pakka Movie Review

DirectionS. S. Surya
CastVikram Prabhu
Nikki Galrani
Bindhu Madhavi
Production companyBenn Consortium Studios (P) Ltd
Running Time146 mins
Release Date27th April 2018


While glimpsing upon the filmography of Vikram Prabhu, you could find that he tries to balance between an unconventional one and a commercial family entertainer. Let’s forget about the result that it has drawn from film critics or audiences in general. But with ‘Pakka’, it looks like, he wanted to recreate ‘Vellaikaara Durai’, which goes terribly wrong for no interesting elements. Right from the beginning till end, there seems to be nothing impressive about it.

Maybe, the first half could be considered as slightly engrossing for the comedy elements involving Soori is enjoyable and the emotional connect between Vikram Prabhu and Bindu Madhavi are good too. But sooner after the intermission, we are completely disappointed with the episodes of Vikram Prabhu and Nikki Galrani. There seems to be a complete infliction in staying close to the subject.

All that we see is that Vikram Prabhu and Nikki Galrani showing their patronage for Dhoni and Rajinikanth. What was the intention of filmmaker SS Surya? Did he ever feel that by doing so, the fans of Rajinikanth and Dhoni would flock. So happens to be the introduction scene, where the Ajith and Vijay references are unwanted. How long will the filmmakers and actors bank on such unwanted hero favoritism? It’s completely unwanted to the review, but even with this plot, the Malayalam cinema would have given an above average result. It’s not about comparing, but Pakka easily evidences how easy going a filmmaker could be easily scripting a tale that doesn’t involve engagement.

With a pretty decent star-cast like Vikram Prabhu (he has tried improvising his screen presence into commercial zone, which is appreciable), Bindu Madhavi who has cuteness and Nikki Galrani, pretty talented girl, who is capable of doing some promising roles. Satish has to work a lot to come up with better laughter and it’s been a long time after ‘Ethir Neechal’, we saw him tickling our funny bones. Soori is perfect by doing justice in the time frame that is offered to him.

Overall, ‘Pakka’ travels on a light mode in first half, but starts testing your patience in second half.

Pakka Movie Review
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Verdict: Fails to impress you after an average first half

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