Maverick filmmaker Prabhu Solomon has got himself closes to the superlative adjectives of Love and Travel, where they remain so much coherent to his films. Completing a wonderful love trilogy of love – Mynaa, Kumki and Kayal, he steps ahead with his fourth film of this genre that brings Love and Travel as the major backdrops. In all likelihood, much alike his previous films, there would be some disastrous factors hassling the union of lovers in his untitled next that stars Dhanush in lead role.

According to the reports, the film is about a train journey between Chennai and Delhi, where a guy and girl with different ideologies come across each other and fall in love. When things seem go the right way, a terrible Train blast creates a hurdle and do the lovers get united forms the crux of this story. It is worth mentioning that Mynaa had a tragic end and Kumki with the same element while Kayal in spite of Tsunami made betterment with positive ending.