Sanchita’s ‘Rum’ble in the SUV

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The pretty fictional character of Soodhu Kavvum, Sanchita Shetty is ready to get us sloshed with her upcoming Tamil film ‘Rum’.

The thriller is directed by debutant Sai and produced by All In Pictures and scores by Anirudh. Sanchita recalls her most nervous Car chase sequence in the film, “During ‘Rum’, the team mostly worked at nights and rested during daytime like how bats do. I had to do a car chasing scene, and I was quite nervous as I had never done such a sequence before. I have driven normal cars but this was an SUV, and I panicked. Within seconds, my co-actors Hrishikesh, Vivekh and Amzath boarded the car, and that made me hyper-tensed. The Director casually joked about how their lives were in my hands’ disposal; but finally, the risk that everyone else took was all worth it!” says a proud Sanchita speaking of her motor skills.