Santhanam’s horror-comedy teaser tickles heavily

Comedy actor Santhanam is going through a change of his career strokes and it was so much evident with the selection of his forthcoming projects. His new look for ‘Dhillukku Dhuttu’ had indeed created an immense response and now the first look teaser has been creating a much of exhilarations.

The first look teaser of this film was released around 2AM and it all turned to be a fun filled moment leaving audiences to expect more from the teaser. The witty lines of Ram Bala and Santhanam have clearly proved that ‘Lollu Sabha’ duo is sure to offer more in laughter on big screens now. Moreover, the visual impact created by cinematographer Deepak Kumar is really appreciable and it is surely expected to be one of the biggest highlights along with musical score by SS Thaman.