"Save The Tiger 2: Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from March 15th!"

Save The Tiger 2: Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from March 15th!

The eagerly anticipated second season of ‘Save the Tigers’ is poised for release on Disney+ Hotstar starting the 15th of this month. The creative minds behind this hit web series are Mahi V. Raghav and Pradeep Advaita, with Arun Kothapally at the helm as director. The series boasts a talented ensemble cast including Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, Chaitanya Krishna, Pavani, Jordar Sujatha, Srikanth Iyengar, Gangavva, Venu Yeldandi, Seerat Kapoor, Pavani Gangireddy, Devayani, Darshan Banik, and Harsha Vardhan. A special preview event took place today at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad.

During the event, director-producer Mahi V. Raghav expressed his gratitude towards Disney+ Hotstar for their support of the ‘Save the Tigers’ series. He highlighted that securing a second season in advance is a testament to the show’s success and popularity. Raghav emphasized the significance of the actors’ performances in bringing the series to life and praised the cast for their exceptional portrayal of their characters. He reflected on the editing process and noted the positive audience response to the series. Raghav also shared that ‘Save the Tigers’ originated from a desire to create a comedy sitcom that captures the humor inherent in everyday life. Acknowledging Pradeep’s direction of the first season and Arun’s contribution to the second, Raghav expressed hope for the audience’s continued enjoyment and revealed plans for future seasons and potentially a feature film adaptation.

Writer Pradeep Advaitam expressed, “Following the triumph of ‘Save the Tigers’ first season, we pitched the sequel to Hotstar. Amidst our own doubts about surpassing the inaugural season, Hotstar granted us complete creative liberty. We’ve exerted our utmost efforts in crafting a commendable series. ‘Save the Tigers 2’ awaits your verdict.”

Director Arun Kothapally shared, “The success of ‘Save the Tigers’ Season 1 paved the way for me to helm its successor. Gratitude towards Mahi, Hotstar, and Pradeep for this opportunity. Our collective endeavor was to outshine our previous work. Meticulous attention was paid to each scene, with robust support from cast and crew. The first season’s unanticipated success sets a new benchmark of expectations for Season 2.”

Actress Pavani reflected, “‘Save the Tigers’ has marked its success across two seasons. My discernment in project selection led me here. It’s imperative to resonate with our work, and this series offered that fulfillment. Season 2 flourished under Arun’s direction and Pradeep’s relentless creativity. It’s a privilege to be associated with such a series, and I anticipate its continued legacy.”

Actor Abhinav Gomatam remarked, “The immediate discussions for ‘Save the Tigers’ Season 2 post its predecessor’s success were a testament to its impact. Initial concerns over script readiness were dispelled upon reviewing the masterfully crafted screenplay. Arun’s directorial prowess and Pradeep’s scriptwriting eloquence speak volumes. Mahi’s venture into political cinema is complemented by his commitment to ‘Save the Tigers,’ a series that owes its acclaim to media support. I seek similar encouragement for our latest season.”

Actress Devayani expressed her excitement for the upcoming Season 2 of ‘Save the Tigers,’ highlighting that it promises to be even more entertaining than the first season. She conveyed her hopes that the audience enjoyed the preview and expressed her joy in being part of such a remarkable series, inviting viewers to catch the premiere on Hotstar.

Actor Chaitanya Krishna shared his enjoyable experience during the production of ‘Save the Tigers’ Season 2 and expressed confidence in its success following the positive preview responses. He extended his gratitude to Mahi, Pradeep, and Arun for the opportunity to contribute to the series.

Actress Jordar Sujatha reflected on the audience’s enjoyment of ‘Save the Tigers’ Season 1 and anticipated that the new season would provide comfortable laughter for families. She expressed eagerness for a third season and gratitude for the support received during her performance, despite initial concerns about working with a new director.

Actor Priyadarshi acknowledged the positive reception of the preview show for ‘Save the Tigers’ Season 2, attributing its success to the writing team’s excellent script. He praised director Arun for bringing the script and vision to life on screen and thanked Mahi for his guidance since Season 1, encouraging audiences to watch the series on Disney+ Hotstar with their families.