Seema Raja Movie Review
Seema Raja Movie Review

Seema Raja Movie Review

ProducerR. D. Raja
Samantha Akkineni
MusicD. Imman
EditorVivek Harshan
Production company24AM Studios
Running Time118 mins
Release Date13th September 2018

Few films are meant for audiences to drop their rational thinking mindsets outside and walk into the theaters. This doesn’t go up with such claims that Seema Raja is a mindless entertainer. Nope! We came across certain profane bounded adult comedies, which had its brickbats and bouquets, then why not a film that has entertainment values and something to amuse the family audiences with a message that doesn’t annoy us.

While Ponram – Sivakarthikeyan duo had delivered decent family entertainers – Rajini Murugan and Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam in the past, they’ve consciously tried to escalate themselves. This doesn’t a much urged push of Sivakarthikeyan projected as a complete mass hero. It is indeed a special highlight, where even a small mistake of over-acting or hyper dialogue deliveries would have made it completely an adverse effect. But he makes sure of having it all throughout the show with perfect mix and doesn’t stay away from his humorous quotients. In fact, the episodes involving Sivakarthikeyan and Soori (They’re seen throughout the film together) works out best results. Samantha’s earnest efforts are so much witnessed and Ponram gives her a better female lead characterisation when compared to the ones in his previous movies.

Ponram has done a perfect packaging of entertainment from first hour till the middle of second half. But then, the sudden opening of flashback that comes unheralded turns out to be a little diminishing ingredient. Of course, we can see a whole lot of hard work exerted by the entire team for this flashback portion.

On the technical part, we get to see that art work by Rajeevan, Balasubramaniam’s cinematography and background score by Imman on its top-notch level. Moreover, Sivakarthikeyan has yielded himself into lots of hard work over nurturing the role that he has essayed in these portions.

Overall, Seema Raja might not be a favourite pick for multiplex audiences, but it will definitely have its splendid reception among the family audiences without fail.

Seema Raja Movie Review
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Verdict: Neatly packaged entertainer that will appeal to family audiences for the festive occasion.

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