Spyder Movie Review
Spyder Movie Review

Spyder Movie Review

Written by: AR Murugadoss
Directed by : AR Murugadoss
Producer : N. V. Prasad, Tagore Madhu, Manjula Swaroop
Cast : Mahesh Babu, Bharath, Rakul Preet Singh, S. J. Surya, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, RJ Balaji
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography : Santosh Sivan
Edited: A. Sreekar Prasad
Production company : NVR Cinema
Running Time : 134 mins

When SJ Surya keeps mocking at Mahesh Babu in ambulance by showing actions of shooting, none would have expected that the latter would do something critical. Such is the way AR Murugadoss has penned the screenplay. Although, the filmmaker has attempted different paradigms of storytelling with big superstars of India, we would definitely appreciate his ‘Thuppakki’ as magnum opus. In Spyder, AR Murugadoss moves to the next level of graph. It looks like he has done a heavy hard work on narrative part along with his writers.

The story revolves around Shiva (Mahesh Babu) working at Intelligence Bureau. Although, he deserves a bigger status with bigger pay as suggested by his officers, he still prefers sticking to call trapping department. He has a personal reason as well to do this job. Feeling happiness over helping the unknown faces and strangers, too see them joyful is his desire. While he accomplishes with such best missions, he has to face a cruel and gruesome situation with series of mysterious murders.

Personally, I felt there is lots of maturity exhibited by AR Murugadoss as a writer and storyteller. By the very first scene of the film, we get to know about the nature of Mahesh Babu. He maintains unique body language and mannerisms throughout the film and befittingly does the emoting parts well. Rakul Preet Singh might looks stereotypical like many heroines’ characterisations, but she does her portions well. SJ Surya is just infectious with his notorious villainous role. He just sparks off an impeccable show down there. Every scene he appears are just awesome. Bharath appears in a small role, but has praiseworthy scenes, especially the action sequence between him and Mahesh Babu is stunning. There are certain bleak characterisations, where see senior police officers, CBI personnel and IB officers looking dumb, while Mahesh Babu cracks the case. Yes, it’s a commercial cinema and this might be a real hindering stuff. But AR Murugadoss could have projected them with matured shade. RJ Balaji is just for namesake inclusion to show that the film has been separately shot in Tamil and Telugu.

By saying this, we get to see that the entire film reshot in Tamil. Mahesh Babu carries this task on his entire shoulders. His dubbing skills are really praiseworthy.

The first half just moves at a rapid pace. Usually, when the first hour is engrossing, we get a strong doubt if the second hour could be on same lanes or disappoint. But AR Murugadoss has carefully understood and balanced it well. In fact, most of the sequences are edge-seated.

Harris Jayaraj has to really unlearn and come up with new music. He is never getting us anything new. Santhosh Sivan as usual brings unique tone to the film. Sreekar Prasad is the biggest plus to the film for escalating the screenplay.

A.R Murugadoss offers a message on human psychology and the loss of human values with the technological advancement in today’s world… The best solution to bring peace and harmony is by at least shaking hands with neighbours and smiling, which could diminish the social evils.

Spyder Movie Review
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Verdict: Best performances and edge-seated screenplay

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