Paramapadham Vilaiyattu Reflects Late Former Cm Jayalalitha’s Cctv Issue

Paramapadham Vilaiyattu reflects Late Former CM Jayalalitha’s CCTV issue

Paramapadham Vilaiyattu reflects Late Former CM Jayalalitha’s CCTV issue

The film ‘Paramapadham Vilaiyattu’ stars Trisha, Nandha, Vela Ramamurthy, and Richard. Thirugnanam has directed the movie. It has been announced that the film is slated for release on 29th February. Final production completion activities are in brisk progress.

In this situation, ‘sneak-peek’ video clips of the scenes in this movie are out. A popular political leader is shown sick and in hospital. Trisha is acting as the Doctor who treats the political leader.

AL. Alagappan, who is the 2-in-line after the sick political leader, enquires about the political leader’s health. Then he orders the CCTV camera in that ward to be removed. He instructs that it can be reinstalled only after he instructs.

Trisha gets annoyed with these activities. She blasts, ‘Am I your party worker to obey your orders? I would only do what I feel is right. I am very clear about this – I will never support wrong doings.’

The striking similarity here is that such incidents were supposed to have happened when the former Chief Minister was being treated in Apollo Hospital and this has been reported in several editions in different formats. It looks as though the concerned News bits have been gathered and used in the above shooting.

With actor Trisha already been in a dire controversy having not participated in the promotional event of this movie, this latest ‘sneak-peek’ clip has opened up another news-virus.