The Best Factors Why ‘jada’ Will Be An Engaging Film
The Best Factors Why ‘jada’ Will Be An Engaging Film

The best factors why ‘Jada’ will be an engaging film

Kathir’s Jada has raised the bars of expectations with brilliantly crafted trailer and songs. Now with the film hitting screens on December 6, we at Studio Flicks bring you 5 good reasons to watch the movie.

Actor Kathir’s promising choice of movies

Actor Kathir has been nurturing his career with some cherry picks of good scripts and roles. Following Pariyerum Perumal and Bigil, he comes up with Jada, which definitely has something unique to offer the audiences.

The realistic ‘Football’ touch

We are coming across many films that are based on football, but very few hold the substantial quality of realistic values. In this film, we can evidently find it in trailers that there’s lot to experience with the football game.

Sam CS – The musical magician

He has become the overpowering and unparalleled king of BGM overnight and of course his songs in Jada have already become the favourite on charts. Now, everyone waits to experience his BGM spell through the big screens.

An unusual thriller

There’s so much hearsays about the film that is creating an abundant curiosity and that’s about the twist and turns that come halfway. In fact, the directors of Vikram Vedha – Pushkar & Gayathri have mentioned that the film is going to be noticed for this element.

The technical aspects with promising elements

Be it musical score, cinematography or editing, “Jada” is going to offer a sumptuously unique experience for the audiences.