Thimiru Pudichavan Movie Review
Thimiru Pudichavan Movie Review

Thimiru Pudichavan Movie Review

ProducerFatima Vijay Antony
CastVijay Antony
Nivetha Pethuraj
MusicVijay Antony
CinematographyRichard M. Nathan
Production companyVijay Antony Film Corporation
Running Time156 mins
Release Date16th November 2018


Vijay Antony’s ambitious drive into becoming an A-League actor became more prominent through his movie Pichaikkaran, which alone was a tremendous hit. But what came next on the lineups turned out to be a bizarre. In fact, we could assume that those were the films that he had signed even before the release of this magnum opus and would eventually get into good selections of scripts. Nonetheless, it turned out to be disasters one after the other, which continues with Thimiru Pudichavan as well. Helmed by Ganeshaa, former associate of SS Rajamouli, the film lacks raciness in almost all the episodes. Except for the fact that the basic premise of the story is appreciable, almost all the narrative and technical aspects are too disappointing.

We find Vijay Antony as a honest cop, who becomes the saviour of masses for his good deeds on self interest. His actual mission begins with a ruffian in the locale (Dheena) creating a network of crime activities, where it involves young boys, which includes Vijay Antony’s own brother.

It looks like Vijay Antony earnestly wants to join the A-league actor and has been doing something that will instantly attract the crowds. Yes, the characterization is good, but not so much enthralling, where we get irked after a certain point of time. Nivetha Pethuraj has exerted an inmost effort into the film, where her performance is worthy of appreciations. It is evident that she has tried her best in mannerisms, body language and even the slang in dialogue deliveries.

On the other hand, others in the star-cast are so much hyper that they try to steal the show with their exaggerated performance. Dheena as an antagonist is completely unacceptable. It looks like the producers had to cut down the production cost and decided to bring inappropriate actors.

When it comes to technical part, almost everything is disappointing. Be it musical score by Vijay Antony or his editing, everything looks so much regretful.

On the whole, Thimiru Pudichavan turns out to be a below average fare. It’s doesn’t get into the gripping mode anywhere except for few scenes.

Thimiru Pudichavan Movie Review
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Verdict: Thimiru Pudichavan comes with a strong one-line story, but fails with its narrative presentation

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