Thondan Movie Review

Story, Screenplay & Director : Samuthirakani
Producer : R. Manikandan
Cast : Vikranth | Samuthirakani | Sunaina
Music : Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography : Richard M. Nathan
Editor : A. L. Ramesh
Production company : Vasundara Devi Cine Films
Running Time : 139 mins

From the director of Nadodigal and Appa, here comes the next which talks about the life of an ambulance driver in connection with social issues he face. Lets see in detail.

An honest ambulance driver on crossing the lines of a political minister due to circumstances and how he manages to come out of it is all Thondan about.

Thondan Movie Review

Not to be confused with Starburst Review, Samuthirakani films always give a message to the society by taking current issues and his bold dialogues which hits all administration of our system. This time he has taken the recent politicians who fail to safeguard our traditions given by our ancestors.

As an established actor in bold roles, its easy to enact in his own movie and his dialogue delivery always speaks especially the talk about our recent students protest and a single shot dialogue about the names of south India’s traditional bullies which we forgot to safeguard. His rigid look and physique sets for his characterization and excels well.

Thondan Movie ReviewThondan Movie Stills.

Vikranth moulds well from film to film and his combination scenes with Samuthirakani are good. Sunaina is like an extended cameo and did a decent role as a family girl. Soori and Thambi Ramaiah cameo appearance are comic. Ganja Karuppu, who comes throughout with Samuthirakani as his friend where his dialogue delivery and few comedies works only a bit.

Thondan Movie Review

Though songs are mediocre the movie has received a lot of youtube views, Justin blast in his BGM works with Thondan and Poi varavaa songs are good and picturised well.

First half takes time to go into the plot and few dragged comedies falls flat. Except the good dialogues, movie on the whole disappoints in terms of usual stereotypical social drama, guessable screenplay and rushed up climax!

Thondan Movie Review
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Thondan : Strong dialogues alone keep us engrossed, rest are mediocre

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