U Turn Movie Review
U Turn Movie Review

U Turn Movie Review 

DirectionPawan Kumar
WriterPawan Kumar
ProducerSrinivasa Chitturi
Rambabu Bandaru
CastSamantha Akkineni
Aadhi Pinisetty
Rahul Ravindran
Bhumika Chawla
MusicPoorna Chandra Tejaswi
CinematographyNiketh Bommireddy
EditorSuresh Arumugam
Production companyBR8 Creations
V. Y. Combines
Srinivasa Silver Screen
Running Time128 mins
Release Date13th September 2018


A journalist gets succumbed to a mystery involving chain of accidents, where she becomes the only link among the victims. Pawan Kumar’s distinct writing has been evident in all his movies, especially for his phenomenal attempt through Lucia. Of course, the original version of ‘U Turn’ had apparently carried an intense attraction beyond the boundaries. With Samantha essaying the role of a journalist, Aadhi is seen as a police officer with Naren, Bhumika Chawla and Rahul Ravindran in important roles.

The instant brilliant flash points that you would notice up with U Turn are the brilliant writing. Pawan Kumar deserves a spontaneous appreciation for it. In fact, it’s been a long time, where audience had a movie to enjoy thoroughly, especially with a genre involving mystery and suspense. Right from the word ‘Go’ till the final chapter, we are kept so much enthralled. Yes, the basic elements of a thriller are to offer the essential tension and then a smile of relaxation by end, where U Turn keeps stealing the show incessantly.

On the performance quotients, it’s a commendable work by everyone out there. Even the ordinary performance gets enhanced due to strong characterisations. Yet again, the author backed roles gets its due credits. Right from Samantha to the one, we see as an auto rickshaw driver, they just steal the show with their impeccable performance. But the showstopper indeed is Aadhi. He just makes an outstanding show.

When it comes to technical aspects, the film pulls off well with excellent work by every team. Especially, the cinematography and sound department deserves special mention for offering a tremendous impact. Such a script definitely demands for the finest edit-cuts and yes, it is delivered with so much of surpassing impact.

On the whole, U Turn is a movie that has to be watched in theatres, where it offers us an impeccable entertainment of suspense, mystery and Goosebumps.

U Turn Movie Review
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Our Verdict: Strictly recommended for ‘Suspense-Mystery’ fans

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