Cast – Jai , Swati Reddy, RJ Balaji, Kasthuri, Misha Ghoshal, Aruldoss, Sunny Leone.
Music – Vivek Shiva & Mervin Solomon
Cinematographer – Venkatesh
Editing – Praveen KL & NB Srikanth
Direction – Saravana Rajan
Run Time – 02:02:52
Release Date – June 19th 2014

Story/Plot :

Vadacurry revolves around the life of a young man played by Jai who is bit confused about his life. The movie also focuses on his romantic equation with the lead actress which has all the chaos and confusion of the modern times. How he deals with his real life problems while trying to fulfill his dreams and he maintains the balance in his love life, is rest of the plot of the movie.

Character/Acting :

Jai – Jai has done a great job in portraying the male lead. He projects his confusion, innocence and romantic feelings with distinction.

Swathi – Swathi is also great in her act and endears audiences with her cute performance.

RJ Balaji – Director used RJ Balaji as modern time santhanam.

Sunny Leone (Special Apperance) – Weight’u Hot’u as like her.

Technical Aspects :

Music by Vivek Shiva & Mervin Solomon : Songs are awesome but BGM works totally spoiled the mood of the film.

Cinematography – Venkatesh S decent job from debutant.

Editing by Praveen KL & NB Srikanth – Slick & style editing from Praveen KL & NB Srikanth good job guys.


Debutant Rajan has done a decent work but in patches his inexperience shows. He has used all the elements properly to make a proper commercial entertainer, but somewhere fails to give it a continuity and proper rhythm, as some movie sequences aren’t in sync with each other.

Overall Effectiveness Of The Film: 

Plus – Jai, Songs, RJ Balaji’s timing comedy, Slick 131 Mins Film

Minus – Screenplay , BGM Work

Vadacurry – “One Time Appetizing”

Our rating ––>  3/5

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