Vedalam Teaser – 3 things that writes blockbuster all over

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Sometimes, few midnight’s can create an ambiance that is more celebratory than the New Year night. That’s what they say ‘Thala’ effect and it has been prevailing all throughout the night. After watching it consistently for many times, the 46-sec version clearly manifests three elements that will surely make it a blockbuster.

Unlimited mass impact – Ajith Kumar movies always have this in plenty, but this time, it’s so more massive, which is quite so much illustrious with the teaser that has a running length of just 45seconds. Every frame and dialogues emboss it clearly indeed.

A tremendous musical spell by Anirudh – Anirudh has been the prince of theme music and for Ajith Kumar, almost all the theme music in his movies have been Chart-busters. Just few seconds and just the word ‘THERI’ makes it all marana mass impact.

Technically Brilliant – It’s not just mass appeal and dialogues that make it more empowered, but the astonishing technical aspects, where we see cruise, flight and lots of locations in just few seconds, which offers an impression that there are lots more to experience in theaters.