Watchman Tamil Movie Review
Watchman Tamil Movie Review

Watchman Movie Review

ProducerArun Mozhi Manickam
Cast G.V. Prakash Kumar
Samyuktha Hegde
Yogi Babu
Raj Arjun
MusicG. V. Prakash Kumar
CinematographyNirav Shah
EditorRadhakrishnan Dhanapal
Production companyDouble Meaning Productions
Running Time95 mins
Release Date12th April 2019

Filmmaker Vijay’s movies always have highest probabilities of being linked with some Hollywood inspirations. This one had its course of being related with ‘Don’t Breathe’. On this note, the film has its similarity with the basic premise of the story. Okay! Let us take a fast tour into the film’s synopsis followed by the analysis.

It’s a thriller set against the backdrops of 2 days. GV Prakash is all set to get married to his love interest (Samyuktha). Hailing from the lanes of housing board, he has already borrowed money for high interest and is urged by the money lender to give it back. With his engagement set to happen by next morning, he has to pay back the money or else will have things devastated. He takes a leap into the premises of a bungalow in Anna Nagar to loot out the money, but instead finds himself as a victim to ‘Bruno’, a golden retriever. Meanwhile, some of the most notorious terrorists have already entered the same house for a reason.

GV Prakash as an actor and music director has exerted his efforts to carry the film on shoulder

We’re so sure by glimpsing upon this gist of film; you’ll be definitely urged by intuitions to watch this movie. Nevertheless, what turns out to be a big blunder is the writing by Vijay. Although, 90mins of running length might give an impression that we are about to watch a nitty-gritty crisp thriller, we are proved wrong within 20 minutes. GV Prakash as an actor and music director has exerted his efforts to carry the film on shoulder. Nothing to blame upon him for he had done what the role requires. Suman and others in the star-cast have done their portions well. The golden retriever Bruno will surely become the favourite of kids in theatres.

The laziness keeps prevailing throughout the film, except for the few penultimate-to-climax portions.

Director Vijay’s screenwriting lacks the punch that ‘Thrillers’ demand and Watchman runs short off what it should actually possess.

Watchman Movie Review
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Verdict: A total disappointment with unimpressive narration

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