What is Nayantara’s Maya really about?

Nayantara’s forthcoming release ‘Maya’ is gaining the best magnitude over the release. With just three more days left for the film’s release, the entire crew is sure as shooting stars with this newfangled supernatural thriller. There have been consistent calls on airs that it could be a remake of ascertained movies and that’s a rubbish spell that is followed by inquisitive investigations.

In fact, the makers’ intention is to keep the audiences hooked onto the suspense elements and for a surprise, there is no relevance between what we see in trailer in accordance to the actual plot from this film. There are few guesses that a bunch of paranormal investigators are on the verge of some phenomenal research and they come across few encounters. On the other end, it’s about a character named Maya, which is not Nayantara. Laced with so much suspense and thrill elements, let us have the excitements brewing for next 72 hours.