36 Vayadhinile Music Reviews

Production : 2D Entertainment
Direction : Roshan Andrews
Star-cast : Jyotika, Rahman, Abirami, Delhi Ganesh and many others
Music : Santosh Narayanan

How often have we come across a beautiful poignant tale based on the empowerment of woman? Naturally, there have been certain flicks rarely making its way onto the screens, but with an esthetical touch of art genre. 36 Vayadhinile seemingly seems to be a groundbreaking one as it brings forth eminent conceptualization of exhibiting the inner strength of woman laced with decorous commercial elements. A remake of Malayalam film ‘How old are you’, Roshan Andrews, the maker of original version has helmed this project cashed in by Suriya under the banner of 2D Entertainment.

1. Happy
Singer: Santosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Vivek

Saliently splendiferous could be the simplest verdicts to ennoble this track, which doesn’t boast of heavy instrumentals and complicated lyrical lines. Simplistic approach of lines by Vivek and Santosh blending some resplendent instrumentals to the track make it more pleasing. There are few lines in the song that easily lets us relate with the characterisation of Jyotika.

2. Pogiren
Vocals: Kalpana Raghavendar
Lyrics: Vivek

A film based on modern feminism without an inspiring song wouldn’t make it complete. ‘Pogiren’ is about a woman’s willingness to come out of the barriers and create her own identity. The visuals blatantly speak off this illustration. However, the word ‘Pogiren’ could have been replaced by ‘Varugiren’ as it translates some negative element though it’s an inspiring number.

3. Rasathi
Vocal: Lalitha Vijaykumar
Lyrics: Vivek

More appealing in all the parts and it has created the right sort of sensation from the moment of its launch as single track. Wonderful part of this song is obviously the beautiful rendition by Lalitha Vijaykumar that has a magnificent innocence. It’s a motherly voice that calls forth her daughter to make a difference from rest of the woman.

Analyse Report:

The original version ‘How old are you’ had just couple of tracks, but the background score was eminently the one that served up the emotional impact with good intensity. Santosh Narayanan has distinctly produced these signature tunes – President, Kannadi, Vidya Thedi, Kanavugal Sumandhu and Kaneer Mozhi, which would have a perfect blend with the visuals.

Overall, 36 Vayadhinile is a refreshing album that has some difference from what we have been hearing in the recent times. Even the feminism oriented films like Indira that had score by AR Rahman, didn’t have a full-fledged album of inspiring woman. Thanks to the makers for having attempted for something more unique yet engaging with this album…

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Verdict: Simply different and extremely pleasant

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