5 exceptional flashes of Bala’s Thaara Thappattai

‘A Film by Bala’ by the end credits is more than enough for the entire theatres to stand up for the ovations and nearly for more than a decade, the filmmaker has been carrying forth this impeccable graph with more intensity based on different genres. With his upcoming film ‘Thaara Thappattai’ scheduled for release shortly on this Pongal Day, here are five good reasons that will make it an exceptional film.

1. Bala is highly acclaimed for his affinity towards nativity and he never misses to give it up. Watching his movies are like touring to an unknown ambience and gradually getting addicted to it.

2. The power-packed performance of Maestro Isaignani Ilayaraja has been regarded as the backbone of this movie. Already the making of the songs and the theatrical trailer have emblazoned the reason.

3. New characters – Yes, Bala never banks his hopes completely on fresh faces, but they instantly become our favourite on the screens. Such is the magnanimous impact of Bala and this film has a plethora of newcomers.

4. It’s been a long time in Tamil cinema, where a film completely dedicated to Tamil culture and music was made. This one completely belongs to the musical genre and audiences in rural and sub-urban would have their great celebration in theatres.

5. The spellbinding performance of Sasikumar, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Studio 9 Suresh are expected to be the biggest attractions.