6 Meluguvathigal Movie Review

Cast – Shaam, Poonam Kaur, Jagathy Sreekumar, Archana, Anil Murali, Narayan
Music – Srikanth Deva
Cinematographer – Krishnasamy
Editing – N.Arun Kumar
Story , Direction – V.Z.Durai

Story/Plot :

After Mugavari, Nepali and Thotti Jaya V.Z.Durai is back to film making with Shaam starer 6 Candles. It has a sensible story line about child Trafficking. Shaam has lost his son on his 6th birthday. After that how much struggles he faced it in getting his son back again and what is the real crime happening behind every child kidnaps is the story behind this flick.

Character/Acting :

Shaam as Ram – A perfect comeback from choclate boy to charecteristic artist. He has brilliantly performed especially in second half.

Poonam Kaur – She did her role fairly well with little bit dramatically at some sequence.

Jagathy Sreekumar – Director handled very well in appropriately using the supporting roles and he has used him well for a comical role in this movie

Technical Aspects :

Music by Srikanth Deva – Has done something to his BGM score but messed up with out of form song composition.

Cinematography by Krishnasamy – With little bit impressive cinematography Krishnasamy has done his best and the angles of shoot during intervel blog was impresive.

Editing by N. Arun Kumar – We cant claim a racy editing in non commercial movie. But still second half need more trims to be a ram pace movie.


V. Z. Durai has already proved his talent in “Mugavaree” & “Nepaali”. He tried out to deliver a truth about child trafficking and extracted completely from shaam. He didn’t even waste the time and get’s stratight away into the story from the beginning. Without shaam we cant see the movie in victory pace.

Overall Effectiveness Of The Film: 

A novel picked up by V.Z.Durai and Shaam performance is enough to light up with this flick.

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