Anbarivu Movie Review

Anbarivu Movie Review

Anbarivu Movie Review

Family entertainer has been the only genre that has found a wide range of takers across the years. However, we are finding that the contemporary filmmakers of Tamil movie industry aren’t able to properly accustom to this genre. Instead, they end up making mistakes in various aspects. A family genre encapsulates strong characterizations, comedy, romance, good songs, action and sentiments. When it comes to characterizations, Aswin Raam has done a good job by crafting characters that stick to its ideologies. Be it Napoleon or Vidharth, both the actors are given good characterizations, and so is Asha Sharath. These characters represent individuals from the previous generations, who have been egoistic. On the other end, the other characters fail to bring up such impact. Even Hip Hop Adhi’s dual characters don’t work out any impact. Comedy portions are the main element in keeping the family audiences engrossed, but Anbarivu completely lacks this quotient. With just Vijay TV fame Dheena used for this element, he doesn’t give an impressive show.

Getting on with romance, we don’t see either Kashmira or Shivani in bright characters. They are seen in many frames, but look directionless. When it comes to songs from Hip Hop Adhi, there is always a good expectation, but Anbarivu doesn’t enchant us, except for a couple of melodious tunes based on a mother-son love and another track. The action blocks are just okay. It’s really nice to see Napoleon so vibrant and energetic than Hip Hop Adhi. There were many situations, where the action blocks could have been made gripping. Say for instance, the Sai Kumar’s bodyguards involved in the meeting of twins during an action block is appreciable. If this sequence was extended with more fun and action stuffs, it would have been best. When it comes to sentiments, Aswin Raam works out some finest moments, but they end up slightly vague. Say for instance, the scenes like Hiphop Adhi speaking about the blood donation from a low caste to his mother are hackneyed dialogues we have heard in many movies.

Director Aswin Raam deserves special mention for handling a big crowd of actors in the film that too in his debut attempt. However, if he had made the screenplay intact with these abovementioned qualities and trimming the running length, it would have been a valuable family entertainer as it carries a decent message as well. Maybe, he comes up with much more impactful film in his next outing.

Anbarivu Movie Review
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Verdict: A family entertainer with a time-worn plot that has impressive scenes, but limited to an extent.

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