Bigil Movie Review

Bigil Movie Review

Bigil Movie Review

Written byAtlee
S. Ramana Girivasan
ProducerKalpathi S. Aghoram
Kalpathi S. Ganesh
Kalpathi S. Suresh
Jackie Shroff
Yogi Babu
MusicA.R. Rahman
CinematographyG.K. Vishnu
Production companyAGS Entertainment
Running Time179 mins

With Vijay starrer ‘Bigil’ hitting screens worldwide today, we at Studio Flicks bring you the best analysis of the movie in each and every department. 


Michael (Vijay) is a local bigwig rowdy, who is the refuge of innocent people out there in his neighborhood. He is urged by situation to take over the position of a coach for women football team and that’s when the real story over his buried past is revealed.


Although, the film has a huge star-cast and yet it’s Thalapathy Vijay show all the way. The way he differentiates and gives unique touch to Rayappan and Michael is appreciable. Especially, the role of ‘Rayappan’ stands out to be a major highlight in the film. Nayanthara has nothing much to perform in the film and her role is so feeble than the one for Reba Monica John and Varsha, who appear only in the second hour.  Yes, these two actresses give a good show realizing how important it is. Yogi Babu evokes humour in places. Jackie Shroff as baddie is nothing short of a regular one in Vijay’s movies for he does nothing other than getting mocked by the hero. Daniel Balaji is completely wasted. 

Technical Aspects:

It’s AR Rahman show all the way. The way he has strived to give the best in enhancing even the mediocre scenes are appreciable. We come across some additional numbers, which is amazing. The major disappointment is the VFX. It is very much evident in many places including the songs, where it has failed to impress us. Cinematography by Vishnu is okay, but not the best. Ruben’s editing works out very well. 

Screenplay and Direction:

Atlee has always carried a special quality of handling a bigger star-cast. He has excelled very well in this aspect. But the major problem arises with his storytelling. While the major premise actually occurs only the second hour, the initial moments of the first half is wasted with no purpose. The flashback scenes are good and the mass elements in the post-intermission are powerful. Nonetheless, ‘Football’ is a bigger subject and Atlee terribly fails to emphasize his directorial skills here. Vijay is supposed to be a coach, but we see him merely as a motivational speaker. Even the goals scored by the players look artificial. In an International game, where the top teams struggle to score goals, we find these teams going for plenty of goals easily. Most of the scenes in stadium reminds us off Chak De Indian, though we try to keep us far away from comparisons. 

Overall, ‘Bigil’ will show up as a entertainer for Thalapathy fans. Yes, there are scenes, where the female audiences will definitely feel emotional towards it, but then, the long stretched out duration of 3 hours leaves you tired by the end of show.