Doctor Movie Review

Doctor Movie Review

Doctor Movie Review

While Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor, there came few similarities, or in simple words – Reference of how a dark theme in the story backdrop treated well with humour worked out the best results. Shahrukh Khan’s Main Hoon Naa was a strong example of it (Later remade in Tamil as AEGAN starring Ajith Kumar in the lead role). The makers had promoted the movie stating that ‘Doctor’ is a Dark-Comedy, which prepared the audiences, who had knowledge about this genre on what to expect from this Sivakarthikeyan starrer directed by Nelson.

Varun (Sivakarthikeyan), a military doctor, who is disappointed over his fiancé (Priyanka Arul Mohan) cancelling the marriage proposal. But things break lose out of hell, when a little girl from their family goes missing. Varun along with his fiancé’s family embark on a journey to find the girl, where he comes to know about the girl (Flesh) trafficking.

More than analyzing the ‘Doctor’, what we personally felt that is actor Vijay is sure to find a new colour (Humour) in ‘Beast’. Courtesy to Nelson for his scrutinizing involvement in developing humorous dialogues and he excels with it in Doctor. But guess what’s little disappointing? Sivakarthikeyan remains extremely silent, which might not go well with rural fans as they expect him to utter loud-funny or emotional dialogues. Maybe, Sivakarthikeyan wanted to try out something different to see if audiences and fans are ready to accept him in this pattern. Priyanka Arul Mohan is a complete disappointment and she keeps posing like performing for Instagram Reels. Yogi Babu and Redin Kingsley are the ultimate showstoppers. They carry the entire film on their shoulders with their humorous appeal. Vinay is outstanding with his screen presence, and he could have got more scope.

Having said that the movie is a Dark Comedy, we do find some main quotients missing. Although you can see the characterization of Deepa Shankar as a humorous factor, how her character could be so dumb? She keeps munching in sumptuous food in spite of the little girl missing. There is not even a single sequence of family’s pain over the missing girl except for few weeping shots. This develops a strong doubt now and then whether we are watching a comedy or serious movie. Human (Flesh) trafficking isn’t something befitting for the Dark Comedy genre. But somehow, with a low budget production value, one liners and a couple of songs by Anirudh, the movie manages to impress the urban fans of Sivakarthikeyan.

On the whole, Doctor has plenty of rib-tickling moments, and will be a decent family entertainer for the audiences.

Doctor Movie Review
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Verdict: When it comes to Comedy Vs Emotions, Comedy is the winner in Doctor

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