Dora Movie Review

Dora Movie Review

Writer & Director : Doss Ramasamy
Producer : A. Sarkunam, Hitesh Jhabak
Cast : Nayanthara
Music : Vivek Siva, Mervin Solomon
Cinematography : Dinesh Krishnan
Editor : Gopi Krishna
Production company : Sarkunam Cinemas
Running Time : 141 mins

Dora is the story of an innocent girl who lives with her father, at one stage she buys a car to start call taxi business. Her life happenings changes after the entry of this strange vehicle. What is the backdrop of the car, how does this spirit possessed car takes revenge with the help of the girl is the main plot of the film.

Nayantara has single handedly carried the film. As Pavala Kodi, she is simply astonishing. Her walk, body language, dialogue delivery, actions are perfect. Thambi Ramayyah as Nayan’s father, their combination scenes are lovely. Harish Uthaman as a cop has done good acting.

Other two main notable characters are a car and a dog which plays significant title role in the film. Good thought by the director. The combination scenes of Nayantara and car/dog are framed well.

Music by Vivek S Marvin, wonderful background music which elevates the films mood to another level. Couple of good songs are there; ’Enga Pora Dora’ is placed appropriately. Dinesh Krishnan’s Cinematography needs a special mention. Awesome work.

Direction by debut Doss Ramasamy, the subject he has taken is pretty old. But the presentation/making is good. The flashback portion is very intense, its one of the main highlight of the film. First half completely rely on the comedy track of Thambi Ramayyah and Nayan, which falls flat. Interval block car transformation scene is terrific. After flashback, once they reveal the car’s history, film started traveling towards a predictable path, which should have been avoided.

Wondering why did the film gets ‘A’ certificate from the censors. Is it because of the child abuse theme or for action sequence? Hypothetical. Film is neither scary nor horror. Its falls under revenge drama. A watchable film for its technical brilliance and lady superstar Nayantara’s screen presence!