Idam Porul Yaeval Songs Review

Idam Porul Yaeval Songs Review

First time Yuvan and Vairamuthu joins together in Idam Porul Yaeval where all have strong expectation like each ones best should come out and make it a strong place in the industry.

Director – Seenu Ramaswamy
Cast – Vijay Sethupathi, Vishnu Vishal, Nandhita, Aishwarya
Producer – N. Subash Chandra Bose
Studio – Thirupathi Brothers
Music – Yuvanshankar Raja
Lyrics – Vairamuthu

1. Eerakkaathae
Singers : Senthil Dass, Anitha
Lyricist : Vairamuthu

A slow melody kind starts with wind and whistle sound which itself creates a needed mood of the song. “Paasatha ulla vachu oru paasaangu pannaa theenga” song tempo starts with tambourine and goes till the end. Overall song goes like smooth road though ups and downs are there.

2. Kurunthogai
Singers : V.V. Prassanna, Sonia
Lyricist : Vairamuthu

On contrary to the first song, a fast phased melody with rhythmic tune and lyrics like kurunthogai, perunthogai gives the instant like for the song. Acoustic chords, basson tone adds flavour for the melody.

3. Endha Vazhi
Singers : Vaikom Vijayalakshmi
Lyricist : Vairamuthu

A soulful song with lots of emotions in lyrics as well as voice. Though its a intense song, it will make you to listen more because of one and only Yuvan and this tune like a homeland for him and he just played well. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, rugged voice apt for the situational song.

4. Kondaatamae
Singers : Sriram Parthasarathy
Lyricist : Vairamuthu

Another slow phased solo song from sriram’s magical voice. Again a song with straight tune from start to end though ups and downs are there. Vairamuthu gives a inspiration kind and lyrics are simple yet beautiful. “Thuli Ellam Kadal aavadhillai, thuli indri kadal yaedhumillai” “Munneri va, Mulleri va” are good ones on the flow.

5. Atthuvaana Kaatukku
Singers : Yuvanshankar Raja
Lyricist : Vairamuthu

A song which gives the feel of pain of a son who lost his mother and yuvan unique voice and his journal music takes to levels. Lyrics which gives the meaning for the title of the movie in this song. Guitar and percussion type music in the interlude gives the light feeling.

6. Vaiyambatti
Singers : Anthony Daasan, Priyadarshini
Lyricist : Vairamuthu

A folk song in yuvan style. Anthony steals the show usually, what if yuvan joins hands? A energetic folk with right mix of all folk instruments. Specially flute makes you bend.

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In a Nutshell:

1. Eerakkaathae – #Breeze
2. Kurunthogai – #InstantLike
3. Endha Vazhi – #Painful
4. Kondaatamae – #Inspire
5. Atthuvaana Kaatukku – #Thirst
6. Vaiyambatti – #Energetic

Yuvan’s magic is back on town

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