Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review

Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review

Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review

Comedy actor Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu makes his comeback in the lead role with ‘Naai Sekar Returns’ directed by Suraaj. The filmmaker and actor together have collaborated for some of the evergreen comedy tracks in the movies like Thalai Nagaram, and Maruthamalai.

The movie opens with a middle aged couple offering prayers in a temple for a baby. They come across a hermit, who gives them a special-gifted dog that will leave ageless (The hilarious fact is that the breed is Siberian husky that has a life span of 10 years). As the couple bring the dog home, the woman gets conceived, and a baby boy is born. Years later, we see the baby is a grown-up dog Kidnapper named ‘Naai Sekar’ (Vadivelu. With the good-for-nothing accomplices (Kingsley and Shivangi), they attempt to abduct dogs and demand ransom money. In an unexpected turn, he gets into a big trouble, and that’s when his grandmother (Sachu) reveals that the fortune of the family can be revived only when he can bring back the lost Siberian husky to the home, which is now under the control of a chiseler in Hyderabad, who stole the dog from them.

One needn’t worry about logic in a mindless entertainment movie, but only to a certain extent. When they cross the limit, you’re sure to get annoyed. Naai Sekar Returns has a talented star cast. With a promising actor like Vadivelu, director Suraaj could have made a better movie, but fails to deliver it. The duo has worked stupendous magic in their earlier collaborations, but this one is a lackluster.

The only consoling part is Anandraj and his co tickling our funny bones. Technically, Santhosh Narayanan’s promo song in the end credits alone is appreciable. Cinematography is good.

On the whole, Naai Sekar Returns is a passable entertainer, which might be a treat for ardent Vadivelu fans, you might walk out with a feel “It could have been better”.

Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review
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Verdict: For hardcore fans of Vadivelu alone

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