Pa Paandi Movie Review

power pandi review
power pandi review

Pa Paandi Movie Review

Writer & Director : Dhanush | Subramaniam Siva
Cast : Rajkiran | Prasanna
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography : Velraj
Editor : Prasanna GK
Production company : Wunderbar Films
Producer : Dhanush

Dhanush’s first venture into the direction department after his firm successful take in acting, singing and writing areas. Post his hits in all fields, debut direction also has huge expectation and half way confirmed when trailer was released. Lets see how far the outcome.

When we become old, its not like we only should live for our generation kids rather we can live our life too is dealt in PaPaandi. So its the movie to realize what our retired person in our family missed in their life, what they are looking for after years and how the younger supportive and give respect to them.

Feel good movie is not an easy zone. Though you have the right content to present, when the execution and the artist performance didnt mix well then it fall other way around and will not create any impact. In that aspect, pa paandi cast selection is perfect for the theme of the movie and for the well established yesteryear actors like rajkiran, revathi, nodoubt they did their role just like that and come up very well.

Rajkiran who is the lead central character where the movie is pinned, delivers the right expressions and performed well enough. Fight choreo is planned like simple one but as a powerful punch to suit for his age. His presence itself can be matched with our family person in real life and thats the highlight of him.

First half shows how this generation youngsters give respect or treat older generation and also the Rajkiran characterization in an extended way with some humor here and there. Prasanna and Chaya singh represent exactly the busy couple who have no time to spend for family and sentiments where their kids obviously spend more time with their grandpa and the bond between them is more stronger than with parents.

As movie deals with the realistic and slices of age old person, there is no need to have any twisted interval block or suspenseful turns. Post interval, when the flashback portions comes, story turns completely to a new world with vintage colour shade, a short, simple but beautiful love blossoms between Dhanush and Madonna. When we are back from it, movie again turns its phase like a search for the first love and we got introduced with Revathi, where their conversations are feel good and some are whistling moments.

Music is another plus for the movie especially the songs for romance are stirring be it Paarthen or Venpani Malare song. Cinematography have more scope for flash back portions and come up like a decent work. Length of the movie is maintained and doesnt look like lengthy or too short.

Dhanush, in his directorial debut, taken a feel good movie with a strong message for the youngsters today in a non-preachy way with the right amount of family drama, love, commercial, humor, message as a packed movie. Message he trying to say to the society is clearly reachable by the dialogues in a realistic manner.

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#PaPaandi – A tribute to our own retired person in anyone’s life

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