Petta Music Review

Petta Music Review

Petta Music Review

Superstar Rajinikanth’s album has been always been launched amidst huge fanfare and grandeur. But Petta is something that many millions of diehard fans of Thalaivar Rajinikanth had witnessed across the past years. Yes, this is precisely because the album is completely composed by Anirudh and conceptualised by Karthik Subbaraj as hardcore Thalaivar fans. Here is the Petta Music Review from Studio Flicks.

Marana Mass
Vocals – S P Balasubramaniam, Anirudh Ravichander
Lyrics – Vivek

Superstar Rajinikanth’s introduction song that we can easily sense from what we have heard from the lines. Yes, the stylish walks and hallmark of Thalaivar will be completely evident. But more than all, the vocalism by Anirudh is so much energetic. Yes, we have SP Balasubramaniam onboard for the track. It would have been much better if he had his lines extended, but then the massive beats on percussions is so much engrossing.

Petta Theme

The trumpets and Brass kick-start the track followed by the distorted guitars giving a retro and modern style. One can envisage the slow motion walk of our Thalaivar. These instrumentals sooner get amalgamated with the techno punch of DJ mix. It’s completely a massive treat with Rajinikanth’s voiceover ‘Naan Veezhvendru Ninaithaayo’ comes by the end

Ilamai Thirumbudhe
Vocals – Anirudh Ravichander & Chorus
Lyrics – Poet-u Dhanush

A honeyed mellifluous solo track that comes in routine Anirudh trademark with his stereotypical rendition… Dhanush has written the lyrics, which is far from his routine Tanglish mode and is something really appreciable. The fortepianos by the interludes coalesced with strings. But a small advice to Anirudh! Please try to experiment such nice tunes with other playback singers.

Madura Petta

It sounds like a festive situation in the Madurai backdrops and it carries the prototyped instrumentals and orchestral… The percussions are overpowering and we can expect a Thalaivar moment for this track.

Petta Paraak
Vocals – Anirudh Ravichander & Chorus
Lyrics – Vivek

Massively exploding! Anirudh’s tribute to Superstar Rajinikanth, where the brass and trumpets pop up first followed by the percussions and then happens the sudden transition to the western vogue and is sure to have it massive moments with the visuals. Wow! The rendition of “Pettai Paraak” in Rajinikanth voice is the highlight that comes embossed with the distorted guitars and beats.

Singaar Singh

Anirudh always offers a mind-boggling BGMs and Signature Tunes to the other lead characters and antagonists on par with the protagonist. Over here, we aren’t sure about the characterization of Singaar Singh. but the kind of music is completely phenomenal. The instrumental on Shenai that comes with an eerie feel is awesome.

Aaha Kalyanam
Vocals – Anthony Daasan
Lyrics – Ku Karthik

The song takes off with a fabulously ‘Salsa’ styled music with Antony Dasan offering his best rendition. The brass and trumpets here to have the significance and the song holds a retro styled panache much like few tracks in the album. But overall, it’s Antony Dasan all the way and the track will have its significance through visuals.

Jithu Theme

The “Beauty of Evil” is very well embellished through the musical mix of Anirudh. It’s something astounding after Anirudh’s erstwhile signature theme for villain in ‘Kaththi’. Can’t wait to see the visuals of Vijay Sethupathi for this tune and it’s Sound department that deserves special mention.

Vocals – Nakash Aziz, Inno Genga
Lyrics – Vivek

A perfect trademark song of Rajinikanth that comes with a philosophical package! Over here, it can be blatantly mentioned that the entire musical team has worked on its best. The playback singers Nakash Aziz and Inno Genga have electrified the song while Anirudh’s composing is awesome. More than all, Lyricist Vivek deserves all praises for bringing back the Rajinikanth days with these lines.

Kaali Theme

Yes, this is the track that everyone has been waiting to listen it from the time of Motion Poster release. This is ultimately the best majestic tune that we might have heard for a Superstar Rajinikanth walk and mass. Can’t wait to see it over the big screens.

Thappad Maara
Vocals – Sarwar Khan & Sartaz Khan Barna
Lyrics – Karthik Subbaraj

A wonderful package of instrumentals, which has a native style of North Indian backdrop and it has something to relate with ‘Jithu’ (Vijay Sethupathi). Well, this is something that we need to watch it over the screens.

On the whole, Petta is completely a tribute from Anirudh and his entire team for ‘Thalaivar Rajnikanth. Apart from all the other factors of analysis, Petta does an impeccable justice to the Rajinikanth fans league.