Sarabham Movie Review

Cast – Naveen Chandra, Salony Luthra, Aadukalam Naren
Music – Britto Michael
Cinematographer – Krishnan Vasanth
Editing – Leo John Paul
Direction – Arun Mohan

“SARABHAM” – A Decent crime thriller. Kudos for producer C V Kumar who continuously giving opportunity to young talents. Hero Naveen Chandra proves tat this is his debut, he needs to work on his expressions. Heroine Salony, has done a very good performance. Naren neat acting.

Movie moves around with these 3 characters. Music by newbie Britto, that ‘sarabham’ bgm is nice. Music overtook the dialogues in many scenes. Camera and editing are good. Crisp 2 hrs 10 mins is a plus. Director Arun Mohan, first half script is highly predictable including interval twist, but he scores in Second half. Couple of twists in second half are really good. There is No unwanted songs and fights. Few logic misses are there. But satisfying climax. Overall its definitely watchable.

Sarabham – “Surrounds with Surprise”

Our rating ––>  3/5

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