Sardar Movie Review

Sardar Movie Review

Sardar Movie Review

Filmmaker P.S. Mithran of Hero and Irumbu Thirai is back with yet another movie based on a serious social issue. ‘Sardar’ features Karthi in dual roles with Raashi Khanna and Rajeesha Vijayan playing the female lead characters. The film is produced by Prince Pictures and has a musical score by GV Prakash Kumar.

A smart police officer (Karthi) wants to be under the spotlights for the earnest reason to eclipse the bad reputation he earned through his father – Agent Sardar (again played by Karthi), who is framed as a traitor. A strongly provocative case brings father and son together, who haven’t glanced upon each other, even for once in their lifetime. Will they have a face-to-face meeting? Who are they actually looking out to bump off? This forms the crux of this story.

Be it a cyber-crime-based thriller in Irumbu Thirai or an educational mafia in Hero, director P.S. Mithran has delivered these movies with proper research and detailing. In this movie, he takes up the global issue of the water crisis, where the ruling powers want to take command over this natural resource. The first half of this movie proceeds at the right momentum with a moment of Goosebumps for the Karthi fans. The second half slightly slows down with the flashback sequence but eventually gains back the momentum. The end of the flashback directly takes us through the penultimate-to-climax episode laced with gripping moments.

Actor Karthi showcases a mature performance. What would be a takeaway for the audiences is the Sardar Karthi. Raashi Khanna and Rajeesha Vijayan don’t have more scope. Even the songs involving them are completely unwanted. Avoiding the songs would have made the screenplay more gripping. The other actors have done their best to keep their characterizations alive.

The musical score by GV Prakash Kumar is just average. Maybe, his re-recording in a few places can be appreciated. The cinematography looks commendable with the right tone and grading that is actually required for this kind of thriller flick.

Except for the few lagging moments in the second half, the film actually doesn’t have any big minuses.

Overall, Karthi starrer ‘Sardar’ has all ingredients to keep the audiences engaged from the beginning till the end.

Sardar Movie Review
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Verdict: A gripping tale that steals your attention throughout the show

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