Sarkar Music Review

Sarkar Music Review
Sarkar Music Review
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Sarkar Music Review

Certainly, there are few brands that capture our interests abruptly and when they come together, it happens to be a much bigger magical moment than any phenomenal contexts. Such is the super-exciting combo Vijay – A.R Rahman – A.R Murugadoss with Sarkar. Here is the most happening audio album from this trio that comprises of 5 tracks.

Vocals: Bamba Bakiya, Vipin Aneja, and Aparna Narayan

There are few songs that doesn’t look up for any musical or vocalising components. It carries some magic and it is completely illustratable with ‘Simtaangaran’, which turned to be a major overnight success. What turns to be an intriguing element with the song is Bamba Bakiya, Vipin and Aparna Narayanan offer a fantabulous collage of musical treat. More than all, the International icon A.R Rahman composing a ‘Gaana’ song turns to be a huge surprising sparkler.

Oru Viral Puratchi
Vocals: AR Rahman and Srinidhi Venkatesh

There have been times, when A.R Rahman has crooned some of the spellbinding numbers like ‘Jana Gana Mana’ from Aayutha Ezhuthu. After a long hiatus, such a song like ‘Oru Viral Puratchi’ rendered by AR Rahman and Srinidhi Venkatesh becomes a spontaneous attraction in this album. We’re sure the song will have its visual impact to a greater extent.

Vocals: Mohit Chauhan

Following couple of instant hits ‘Simtaangaran’ and ‘Oru Viral Puratchi’, this track happens to grab the spotlights instantly. There is something magical about the song. Instead of analysing the track into its rhythmic accompaniments and instrumental part, the simple fact is – It’s a tailor made song for Vijay and Vijay fans. To have a classical singer like Mohit Chauhan being utilised for this peppy local flavoured number.

OMG Ponnu
Vocals: Sid Sriram and Jonita Gandhi

The vocalisms by Sid Sriram and Jonita Gandhi stand out to be an incredible spell. They’re as best as the routine paradigm. But again, A.R Rahman gets too western with the song, where we might not be able to grasp the lyrics at an ease. Fine! It’s too early to judge an A.R Rahman and let us wait for a while and see if it can make into the major league.

CEO in the house
Vocals: Nakul Abhyankar and Blaaze

For the first few minutes, you’ll really wonder if this is a Tamil number and after repeating hearings, this might turn up to be a middling one. Well, Nakul and Blaaze give in their best towards the song. But much like rest of the songs, A.R Rahman peps up the track with spiciness in techno, but that doesn’t impress us vividly.

With the makers of ‘Sarkar’ going for single track releases, ‘Simtaangaran’ didn’t miss to show up as the best curtain raiser followed by Oru Viral Puratchi stealing the spotlights. Now with the complete album launch, it’s ‘Top Tucker’ that instantly inserts into your list of attraction. Well, it might stretch up for OMG Ponnu and CEO in the House for capturing our attention.

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Sarkar Music Review
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Verdict: A mix of local and western flavour from AR Rahman.

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