Sketch Movie Review

Sketch Movie Review
Sketch Movie Review
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Sketch Movie Review

DirectionVijay Chandar
ProducerMoving Frame
MusicS. Thaman
CinematographyM. Sukumar
Production companyMoving Frame
Running Time138min


Vikram fans could have waited for a very long time to experience his mass avatar for it’s been a long time. The theatres indeed are completely enthralled over his magnetizing screen presence and massive action sequences. Especially the camera angles and background score for such blocks are done extraordinarily. So how does the film work out on whole?

Chiyaan Vikram is seen as the trustworthy person to a loan shark (Harish Peradi) in North Chennai. Fondly called as SKETCH, his job is to lift the vehicles from the loan defaulters. On an unexpected turn, he is urged by situation to lift a car from the dreaded goon of the localities. it happens to be a vintage Premiere Padmini car that is used by him in the memory of his father. Things turn out to be a gang war when the car is lifted and rest is a story of twists and turns.

There are two kinds of reaction that would be evidently seen while walking out of the theatres. The first thing is that it’s not a movie meant for the film critics or multiplex audiences. They would definitely label this movie as one of the worst from Vikram so far in the career. But when it comes to the single screens, sub-urban and rural areas, it would be a cherry pick for them. If so, even in the second case, the film doesn’t stand out to be a complete entertainer. This is because of the fact that the raciness goes missing in many places. There is nothing to blame about the story as the genre itself is ‘Commercial’, but to keep the audiences engaged. The gripping moments should be definitely found in plethora. The first half has enjoyable moments, but sooner with post-intermission sequences, the film gets out to be sluggish. The only convincing part in the film is the screen presence of Vikram along with the stunt choreography. Tamannaah gets a very normal role in this film, which is adequate for a commercial genre. Others in the star-cast have nothing bigger to score.

On the musical part, the background score is good, but too many songs slow down the progression. The climax portion is completely unexpected that comes with a twist followed by emotional gesture by Vikram, which gets applause. But then, when it comes to overall experience, it could have been presented in a much engrossing style.

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Sketch Movie Review
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Verdict: Vikram’s massive avatar sets good treat, but the narration could have been better.

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