Sundari Gardens Movie Review

Sundari Gardens Movie Review

Sundari Gardens Movie Review

Do you have any clue on what offers a beautiful experience for an avid movie buff? Predicting the story from beginning till end, and still having the space to enjoy it from beginning till the end… Sundari Gardens starring Aparna Balamurali as the lead character Sundari (a) Suma is written and directed by Charlie Davis.

The story revolves around a young divorcee Sundari (Aparna Balamurali), who resides with her single mother. She works as a librarian in a school, and gets attracted to the newly appointed teacher (Neeraj Madhav), who has already fell in love with another teacher in the same premise.

As you glimpse through this story, it might give a stereotypical or plain impact, but the beauty lies beneath the way, it is told. Once you settle down with the character of Sundari, you’ll no matter how sluggish the drama is, you would never take your eyes off from the screen. Such is the elegant way of depicting this character, which isn’t being angelic, but an ordinary woman with outspoken thoughts and gesture, who even commits the biggest blunder over a drunken night. What’s so cool about the movie is the way, director Charlie crafts the scenes with natural appeal. Check out for the scene, where she takes a walk at night, find the school kids boozing and she fetches them, gulps them neat and even shoots the breeze with Neeraj. These are the moments that actually let you have a relishing experience.

The beautiful cinematography is yet another highlighting trait in this movie, which keeps your eyes sangfroid all the times.

On the whole, Sundari Kitchen is a feel-good breezy entertainer, which you can settle on your couch, sprawl out and enjoy the show with family and friends.

Sundari Gardens Movie Review
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Verdict: Delightful entertainer for the ones looking out for simple feel-good tale.

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