Thani Oruvan Movie Review

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Thani Oruvan Movie Review

Director : Mohan Raja
Cast : Jayam Ravi | Arvind Swamy | Nayantara | Vamsi Krishna
Producer : Kalpathi S. Aghoram | Kalpathi S. Ganesh | Kalpathi S. Suresh
Writter  : M. Raja | Subha
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography  : Ramji
Editing : Gopikrishna.V
Production company : AGS Entertainment
Distribution : Sun Pictures
Release date : 28 August 2015
Certificate : U
Running Time : 175 mins

Picking a strong word of verdict for this film is absolutely an elating moment. 160 minutes of racy thriller that stumbles nowhere blatantly calls for an attention that Raja has adorned his script with a long phase of involvement. Every characterisation sketched and every scene crafted deliberately lands up ‘Thani Oruvan’ at a best league now. Raja of course keeps himself pushed to the next level in his directorial career. A well manufactured thriller embedded with surprising twists and amusements.

The prologue you find for the first few minutes in black and white frames followed by the animation of title credits gives a perfect introduction to the strong protagonist and antagonist (played by Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy). It’s a simple plot, maybe as you claim to be an onionskin with the premise that speaks about two contrastive personalities on the battle ground.

The characters spangled with unique temperamental contrasts become the greatest factors that ascribe Thani Oruvan as an impeccable film. Albeit the logical stream is missed out in parts, they stand out to be an exceptional one. Arvind Swamy depicted as a glamorous Lucifer takes no pause in bumping off his opponents. In this case, what urges him to place a bugging chip inside his opponent with a surgery, which instead could have used to bump him off? But Arvind Swamy creates a special genre with his name and thanks to Raja for creating such an enticing spell to this man. Very rarely such characters occur and before years it was Ajith Kumar in Mankatha and now the evergreen chocolate boy makes it all happen. The theatres scream impulsively when he raises his middle finger and that’s few minutes before his culmination. However, the director could have given an open ending instead of having a stereotypical finish.

Jayam Ravi predominantly seems to be carrying the impact of Nimirnthu Nil. Yes, we love him for his macho looks and stunning physique. But remember! Emotions are fine, but when you’re combating a smart super-cool villain, you need to have a James Bond attitude. Keep smiling and calm with sangfroid attitude before you polish off the one on your block. If Raja had compulsively blended his nature in the protagonist, then it would have a massive icing to this high-tech thriller flick. Nayantara derives to be a serious actress her. She does her minimal role with good enhancements. Ganesh Venkatraman deserves the best pat for an aggressive performance and so are the others in the cast. It could have been better Vamsi Krishna was added up to the bunch of cop friends rather than putting him on the other side. Thambi Ramaiah is refreshing with his hilarious lines and his episodes with Arvind Swamy, who plays his son are pretty witty…

The gunplay isn’t on the dearth, but at the same time, the brainy quotients are found in plenty among the lead characters, especially during second half. But why would a genius criminal who at a click can bump off anyone across the farthest continent wastes his time following and chiselling an ordinary IPS officer. Sounds odd, isn’t it? But remember! we are watching a Tamil film and should be concerned about the rural and sub-urban cohorts as well.

The songs by Hip Hop Tamizha are mediocre and this young chap needs to improvise a lot on his background score. The cinematography is good in few places and somewhere drops down the average at other portions and so is editing.

If the length was trimmed a bit and the time taken for establishment of characters were reduced, Thani Oruvan would have been one among the rarest thrillers, which keeps you completely on edge of seats throughout the film.

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Thani Oruvan : A thriller with twists and Arvind Swamy roars

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