Trigger Movie Review

Trigger Movie Review

Trigger Movie Review

Actor Atharvaa Murali starrer Trigger, directed by Sam Anton is an edge-of-seat action thriller based on child trafficking concept. The film marks the second collaboration of Atharvaa and Sam Anton after ‘100’. Tanya Ravichandran, Arun Pandian, Sita and few more actors are playing prominent roles in this movie.

Atharvaa Murali works as an undercover in the police department. His father Arun Pandian, an ex-cop is mentally disturbed even many years after a gruesome incident involving a miscreant named Michael setting fire to entire archive of Chennai Police Commissioner Headquarters. With his father framed under wrong lights, Atharvaa now wants to prove his father’s innocence and settle scores with the baddies.

Atharvaa Murali has improved a lot with his performance, especially in action sequences. But it would be better if can loosen up a bit instead of being stiff with his body language. He has great features to shine as a star, but with some changes as abovementioned he can elevate his stature. He has done a remarkable job with his action performances, especially the one in Pre-Interval sequence. Arun Pandian does a neat performance, but his role could have been yet more finely projected. Tanya Ravichandran has nothing great to perform. The actor in negative role is good. Chinni Jayanth delivers a valuable performance. Munishkanth, Arunthaangi Nisha and others don’t have little scope.

Ghibran’s BGM is a major strength. The film doesn’t have songs, but still, even that single song isn’t needed. Tweaking such moments would have made the screenplay more gripping. Krishnan Vasant’s cinematography is outstanding.

On the flip side, few scenes look little repeated. Say for instance, the scene where Arun Pandian and the villain meet each other are repeated in just 20-25 minutes of time in second half and the song in the first half. If these scenes were trimmed or avoided, the film would have been racier.

Overall, Trigger has nitty-gritty action thriller elements that don’t disappoint the audiences. Although we have come across many movies revolving around child trafficking themes, this one looks exceptional and unique.

Trigger Movie Review
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Verdict: Decent writing, matured performance by Atharvaa and engaging screenplay makes Trigger watchable

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